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Couch to House - Target Exceeded

Business Horsham has not only reached but exceeded the target for the Couch to House program titled 'Target 365'.
We have raised a staggering



In August 2011 Business Horsham along with Horsham Rural City Council hosted the inaugural 'On the Couch in the Park' Forum (now renamed 'Couch to House') in conjunction with Wimmera Uniting Care, Salvation Army and Grampians Community Health. 22 business and organisation leaders gathered to brainstorm ways to help combat the homelessness issue in Horsham. One of the short term strategies adopted by the group is the Couch to House Target 365 Campaign. Business Horsham's involvement in this campaign forms part of our contribution towards a community event of which every Business Horsham member should be very proud.

The aim of the Target 365 campaign was to raise 365 nights of emergency accommodation (based on $100 per night) for these organisations to utilise immediately for our homeless.

It is essential that this program provides immediate funding for overnight emergency accommodation to the homeless in our region, therefore funds were utilised as required from the commencement of the campaign rather than at the conclusion of reaching our target figure.

The 2012 event titled 'Find A Place' where a number of local business and community leaders took part in a sleep out in Roberts Place, in minimal comfort and sleeping on cardboard. Each participant was asked to raise $500 in order to take part.

The event in 2012 aimed to raise funds to top up the Target 365 campaign as well as to continue to raise awarenes of this plight in our town. Each individual worked hard to raise money to participate.

In 2013 we chose to conduct a tin rattle in the CBD which raised $1983.40 in addition St Brigids College also held a fundraiser which injected a further $517.50 in the fund.

During 2013 a Business Horsham member in Cafe Jas held a coffee promotion at which a percentage of monies taken for coffees was put towards a fundraising campaign by StreetSmart Australia. Business Horsham successfully applied for a percentage of the funds raised and received a wonderful contribution of $750.00.

2014 saw us once again do a tin rattle in the street as well two more cafes, Fig Tree and Chickpea joined Cafe Jas in the CafeSmart program and for their hard work a further $1500 was recently injected into the program through Streetsmart Australia.

In 2015 Business Horsham member cafes continued this new tradition with 5 of our members in Cafe Jas, Cheeky Fox Cafe, Chickpea, The Oven Door Bakery and Up Tempo Cafe participating which generated a further $2000. As well the Women in Business Focus Group Melbourne Cup Ladies Luncheon raised $508.

Again in 2016 three significant fundraising initiatives eventuated in a handover of $3862.85. $2,200 was received via a Streetsmart Australia grant after four of our member cafes once again took part in Cafesmart. Our sincere thanks to Cafe Jas, Cheeky Fox, Chickpea and Waack's Horsham, Stawell and Ararat. A total of $1336.00 was raised at our Melbourne Cup Day Ladies Luncheon with the balance raised through the 5c collection boxes located in some of our members businesses and organisations.

In 2017 once again $1250 was raised throught the Cafesmart program as well the 5c collections tins raising around $1200.

With a final cheque of $1815.60 being handed over to Wimmera Uniting Care in April 2018 finalising the program with a grand total of $47,282.45 raised over the 6 years.

This program in now in the hands of Uniting Wimmera as an ongoing fundraising opportunity.


Please contact Wendy Mitchell at the offices either via email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 0418 266 310, all contributions are tax deductible.

Many Thanks to our contributors so far:
Gary Howden (Telstra) $700
Sue & Bruce Winfield (Laharum) $100
Nola Hill $20
Ken Wright $30
GWM Water Staff $86
Horsham Ministers Group $1000
Country Womens Association $1500
Pauline, Ross, Shaun & Eve Barnes (Grass Flat) $200
Quota International $1000
Michael Ryan (HRCC Mayor 2011) $500
Mary Bignall $200
Des Lardner Organics $330
Business Horsham $700
Green Taylor Partners $120.25
Donation from 'Christmas Day Eat Alone Lunch' activities at Uniting Church $800
There has also been an anonymous contribution from a Horsham couple who have directly assisted a homeless young man to the value of over $2500
Wimmera Messiah Choir $3000
Harvest Church $202
Horsham Fishing Competition committee member Wendy Mitchell $750
Heidi White $200
Horsham Christian Ministers Association $500
Barry Sherwell - Droylsden Allied Health (Find A Place Participant) $470
Wendy Middleton - WUC (Find a Place Participant) $1863.50
Kaitlyn Opie (Find a Place Participant) $200
Wendy Mitchell - Business Horsham (Find a Place Participant) $150
Geoffrey Lord - UB (Find a Place Participant) $1000
Matt & Sharon Keating - Cafe Jas (Find a Place Participant) $650
Reverend Tupe - Ministers Group (Find a Place Participant) $500
Dean Hogan - DJ Hogan Builders (Find a Place Participant) $850
Louise Brennan - CFA (Find a Place Participant) $500
Leeanne Thomson - WUC (Find a Place Participant) $500
Steve Holmes - Community Axis (Find a Place Participant) $500
Jason Mayberry - WorkCo (Find a Place Participant) $500
Anonymous donations (Find a Place) $427.05
Vectis Lutheran Guild $200
Kaye Hahne $118
Quota International $1000
Rotary Club of Horsham East $3500
Wimmera Combined Churches $3100 (Carols by Candlelight)
Tin Rattle $1983.40
St Brigid's College $517.50
Streetsmart Australia 2013 (through Cafesmart fundraising by Cafe Jas) $750.00
Horsham Church of Christ $2000
Gill Mibus $50
StreetSmart Australia 2014 (through Cafesmart fundraising at Cafe Jas, Fig Tree Caffe & Cafe Chickpea) $1500
StreetSmart Australia 2015 campaigne (through Cafesmart fundraising at Cafe Jas, Chickpea, Cheeky Fox, Oven Door Bakery & Up Tempo Cafe) $2000
Melbourne Cup Ladies Luncheon 2015 $508
Keg for a cause through the Exchange Hotel Horsham $348
5c collection tins in various Business Horsham member businesses collected up to 7/6/16 $316.15
Streetsmart Australia 2016 (through Cafesmart fundraising by Cafe Jas, Cheeky Fox, Chickpea and Waack's Bakery) $2,200
Melbourne Cup Day Ladies Luncheon $1335.00
5c collection tins in various Business Horsham member businesses collected up to 29/11/16 $326.35
5c Collection tins collected up to 6/6/17 $632.65
Sabrina & Remo Luciani $100
Cafesmart 2017 $1250
5c collection tines collected up to 13/2/18 $565.60